Gun Mayhem - is an online play which was created by Kevin Gu in 2011. The main goal of the game is to kill your enemy and win it. The game itself is very interesting; it belongs to the fighting and the shooting game category which in fact is very attractive for each person, even for two individuals at the same time, it creates more fun.Generally Gun Mayhem play varies and there are different levels of complexity, while the main players could be modified according to your wish and taste, as well as you can choose various types of weapon. Recently in total 10 levels of this game are available. It has been developing gradually in terms of graphics and context, effects, tours, weapons, sounds and so on. For more visibility our web-site will provide you with the analysis of all 10 levels of Gun Mayhem in order to demonstrate what was improved in each part of it, what advantages and disadvantages (in comparison with the rest parts and as a whole) exist. In total there are10 types of this game, depending on which one is more suitable for you. The very basic one is the first type, the easiest and the lets say the very initial step in the world of Gun Mayhem games. But step by step the task is getting more complicated, if look through all the rest types of this game, the choice of weapons are increasing rapidly and another graphical issues are added. For instance, if we compare the very first one to the second it is obvious that the task is more complicated and more obstacles are on your way.

Gun Mayhem 1

- is the easiest one, giving you insight on how to play and what your major role is actually.

Gun Mayhem 2

- Walkthrough, getting more difficult in terms of the task given, more effects are added and weapons added. The challenges need to be met while playing.

Gun Mayhem 3

- You are put in various conditions and the situation looks more attractive and interesting to pass all the levels. It seems to be smarter than needed previously.

Gun Mayhem 4

- In comparison with the previous versions more opponents are appearing on your way, more scores need to be earned in order to win the game.

Gun Mayhem 5

- The main aim is to survive in this tour, the keyboard arrows will be useful for you, try to be smarter enough to pass this level.